DigiSoft es una empresa de servicios y soluciones de TI. Los servicios se basan en expertos multidisciplinarios para diseñar, implementar y soportar infraestructura de TI,  sistemas operativos, middleware y bases de datos. Brindamos diferentes soluciones para las distintas industrias como Salud (Laboratorios Clínicos), Logística, Retail, Medios y Entretenimientos entre otros.

DigiSoft Solutions provides a software platform BackEnd solution many industries like HealthCare, Logistic, retail, field service, retail and Television & Telcom industry with real-time mobile information solutions to improve operations and support decision making at the point of business.

Television & Digital Marketing

ClickTVWorldwide- second screen is called an app that run on the smart devices, that supports the context displayed on the TV or other shows. Basically the new world of smart devices offers the interactivity to the users, which are used to interact with the given TV contexts, and not only consume it “as it is”. We are a company that investigate and create new applications on different markets with the Digital TV, and with the second screen.

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DigiSoft mobile healthcare applications can be fully integrated with virtually any back-end enterprise  application or database enabling centralized control and the ability to incorporate multiple  functionalities on a single handheld device.  Our applications enable you to effectively manage patients, staff, and resources, delivering high quality care and significantly reducing operational costs.

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Integrated mobile solutions from DigiSoft give your business the edge.  Successful deployments lead to more accurate inventory, less shrinkage, increased revenues, lower labour costs, increased   productivity, powerful customer research, and increased customer satisfaction.

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Field Service

The goal of any field service solution is to give skilled technicians the tools to make their job easier, and to allow their organization to better manage transactions, customers and employees in the field. DigiSoft field service solutions include billing, ordering, record keeping, asset tracking, scheduling, location-based services and more. These applications improve customer service and help get the job done sooner, with fewer trips.

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